About me

about-meHello, my name is Francesco Dosia , I’m a guitar and music teacher. I started learning guitar at the age of 16, with a classical guitar and a lot of passion. I played in different bands, made demo albums and performed many times. Today I dedicate myself to teaching guitar and music. This is a passion for me, and more than just a ‘job’.

I started teaching when I was in Italy, giving private lessons to 4 students. I then taught a group of 6 people for two years in a private school.

I also have a “Fifth level” of European Music School, specialising in teaching guitar to beginners and a “Third level” on Music Therapy course on “Associazione Musica d’Insieme (Italy)”.

I have always dedicated most of my time to music, and I also have tried to learn other skills related to this beautiful art form. I have taught myself the history of music and the psychology of music and I have participated in several music-therapy workshop. After lots of experiences I learnt one very important thing: what we transmit is the love for the music and for the instrument. All the theoretical information is now available to everybody for free; on YouTube we can find thousands of video tutorials on how to learn guitar and play songs. However what is missing from this method of learning is the important direct relationship and physical presence of a tutor. In this way it is very hard to overcome the difficulties people face in their first efforts to learn guitar. Over my teaching career so far I have realised how much I love teaching beginners, and have developed a talent for this. The ability to motivate, the transmission of passion, patience, non-judgment and acceptance – these are the skills that make me a good teacher, and that allow my students to fall in love with the instrument and music. The qualifications are important bur are not a guarantee of teaching ability.

Jointly with my students I create a study plan to learn or improve some of their preferred areas. I create specific exercises for each student, in addition to those suitable for everybody. I produce audio and video files for the exercises, to help the students in their daily practice. I’m also working to create easy arrangements of famous songs to allow the student to play something recognisable from the beginning, and I’m producing a guitar work book (a collection of theory, exercises and simple songs). I have a passion for learning new things and creating things by myself. Every time I learn something new I increase my ability to transmit my knowledge and the passion for music.

I’m also continuing my study, at the moment I’m studying a “Sound Therapy course” accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) to improve my ability and knowledge of sound and music for the individual and collective wellbeing.