Paddy Whack

Paddy Whack

Easy arrangement
of Paddy Whack

Hello everyone, this is a easy arrangement of Paddy Whack. This song is a traditional Irish fiddle tune.

The first mp3 it’s a simple version of this song at 70 bpm in 6/8 time.

The second mp3 it’s a longer version for practice with a guitar in backing that plays chords.

This version have this structure:
block A – normal version with guitar and drums
block B – melody in very low volume for practice (repeated 2 times)
block C – chords sequence without melody for practice (repeated 6 times)

I hope you will enjoy this song and discover how it’s fun to play.

I’m always available for any questions you have.

Have a good time.

download the song

This is a longer version for practice the song with a chords progression.